Alumnus Makes History


Joshua Gaskill ’10 is teaching history – and making it.

As a history teacher at Pamlico County High School in Bayboro, NC, he is a fourth generation educator and ECU alumnus. He was recently honored as the 2014-2015 Pamlico County Schools District Teacher of the Year and the Southeast Regional Teacher of the Year for North Carolina.

“As a result of becoming the district teacher of the year, I received the George R. Brinson Honored Educator Scholarship which allowed me to attend the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching. I am very humbled by these accomplishments and am happy to have found my true calling through teaching,” said Gaskill.

Aside from teaching history, Gaskill is the social studies department chair as well as the driver’s education coordinator. He serves on the school’s improvement team and he leads his department’s professional learning community.

Gaskill is a 2003 graduate of Pamlico County High School and a fourth generation Pamlico County educator. He is also a fourth generation ECU College of Education alumnus. While at ECU, Gaskill earned his master in teaching (MAT) in history and was a member of the Pirate Club.

“I was actually enrolled in a doctoral program at ECU after receiving my bachelor’s degree from NC State. However, after a semester in the program, the coursework left me unfulfilled. With so many teachers in my family, I knew firsthand and had experienced what a positive impact the profession had on the lives of others. From there, I made the decision to enroll in the MAT program and it was the best decision of my life,” said Gaskill.

“This is a family legacy, and I believe in the quality education I received through the MAT program,” said Gaskill. He recognizes Dr. Allen Guidry for contributing to the valuable education he received from ECU.

Gaskill is still involved with ECU today. “I have been trained to serve as a clinical teacher to host student interns within the Latham Clinical Schools Network through the ECU College of Education,” said Gaskill. “I am proud to be an ECU Pirate!”

By Sara Strickroot