Alumni Say Studying Abroad Benefited Their Careers

Hundreds of East Carolina University students will study abroad this summer, and alumni who did so while they were in school say it benefited their careers. They were recently featured in an article by ECU News Services.

A recent ECU graduate, Kaileigh Hubbard (’13), said her study abroad experience led to her career  working with students from around the world as an international admissions advisor at the University of Buffalo, The State University of New York.

Hubbard double majored in English and English education at ECU and planned to teach high school students. She studied in London in 2012 during the Olympics.”Now working in higher education, I still get to serve as a teacher, just in a different capacity,” she said.

Another ECU graduate, Vincent Meadows (’13) said his career also has been influenced by studying abroad. A graphic designer, he works for an international media company providing news in nine languages in Asia.

Meadows studied in Indonesia the second semester of his junior year through an exchange program, which helped save money while providing academic credit hours. “It was not only my first travel experience, but my first time ever on a plane,” he said. “Traveling was something I thought only rich kids did. At that point, I wanted to go somewhere I thought I would never go to again.”

He said he made lifelong friends and learned about graphic design on an international level. He credited ECU’s International House with helping him sort through options to make study abroad possible. He also believes his travel experiences have made him a well-rounded, more marketable employee.

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