More Pirate Proposals!

Thanks to all the Pirates who have shared their love stories with us in honor of Valentine’s Day! Here are a couple more stories of ECU alumni who met and/or proposed at ECU.

Engagement 1Blake and Katie Eason, class of 2005

Blake says… “Katie and I met in 2004 during the first year of our English education classes. Specifically, I sat beside her in EDUC 3200 because she looked smart and I figured she would let me copy her notes (instead of taking my own). We became fast friends during our internship at J.H. Rose, but did not date because we were both in relationships at the time.

Each day after class we would walk and chat until we got close to the sidewalk, at which time we would go our separate ways. There was a tree close to the road that typically marked the point we would begin our division.

In 2008, three years after graduation, and both single, we reunited for a weekend with fellow English interns and immediately rekindled our friendship, and more! I had permission to propose on Bagwell Field at Dowdy-Ficklen, but it was under construction and Katie was afraid of getting arrested for trespassing. Plan B was the tree by the Speight Building on campus that routinely signaled the end of our daily conversations years ago.

She said yes and we married a year later on May 21st, 2011!”


Chris Amidon ’86 and Lisa Goldston Amidon ’88

Chris says… “Lisa and I met on a blind date my senior year at ECU. Although, turns out it wasn’t as blind as we thought. Lisa decided to bring a friend along with her to our meeting place in downtown Greenville. That friend happened to be a girl I had previously dated at ECU. Additionally, I realized that I had actually met Lisa six months earlier. I had been stranded in Greenville without a way home to Havelock. Lisa, her then boyfriend, and that same friend were heading to the beach so they gave me a ride home on their way. I can still picture today Lisa’s eyes in the rear view mirror. Anyway, needless to say, that first blind date didn’t go anywhere.

A couple weeks later after the Christmas holiday, I decided to give it another shot and asked Lisa to go out on a date. We had a great time going to a movie and talking for hours in my car as I dropped her off at her dorm. That was back in 1986. I graduated and moved to Dallas. Two years later Lisa graduated and moved out to Dallas as well. Just a year or so later we broke up and Lisa moved to Charleston, SC. I ended up moving back to North Carolina. After many years of being apart, I had a couple phone calls with Lisa and asked her to stop by my house is Raleigh on her way back home to Richmond for the holidays. That was the beginning of the rest of the story. The spark was rekindled, Lisa moved up to Raleigh, and we began dating again.

After a couple more years of dating, I think we both knew we were meant to be together. I planned a trip back to Greenville, under the cover of going to see a basketball game. We had a mini picnic on the lawn (complete with ‘vintage’ wine from 1986 when we first met). We strolled around campus reminiscing. Towards the end of our visit, I drove up to her old dorm, to the site of our long talk that first (real) date. I put in the same cassette (yes cassette) that we listened to over and over that first night. Then, we got out and went over to the fountain at the center of campus (now gone) where I did the traditional kneel and propose. Now 30 years after that first blind date, I have Lisa, two awesome kids, many great memories and a lot to be thankful for – and it all started at ECU.”

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