Pirates Network in Raleigh


Pirates from around the Triangle got a chance to expand their professional and social networks at a networking lunch for alumni and friends of East Carolina University on Tuesday, November 10.

The lunch, which was hosted by the East Carolina Alumni Association, also gave the participants a chance to listen to featured speakers Keith ’94 and Shannon Frazier ’94 as they enjoyed delicious food from 18 Seaboard, located on 18 Seaboard Avenue in Raleigh.

“I loved the speakers and meeting new people,” said Taylor Volk, a senior technical recruiter who attended the lunch to network with possible candidates and hires.

The crowd of 33 was one of the biggest that the association’s networking events have had recently. This gave attendees like Jim Branson ’89, a founder of his own marketing company, a chance to network with a wide array of people.

“I met a few (people) that can potentially do business with me,” said Branson. “I enjoy meeting new people, learning about them, and hearing and sharing stories of our college days.”

Click here for more photos from the event.

The next networking lunch will be held in Greenville on Tuesday, December 1 at the Holiday Inn Greenville.

Visit PirateAlumni.com/NetworkingEvents for more information.

By Michael Avila

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