Pirates Network in Norfolk


Pirates in the Norfolk, VA area were able to make new professional and social connections at a networking reception for alumni and friends of East Carolina University on Tuesday, October 20.

About 17 Pirates attended the reception, which was held at Supper Southern Morsels on 21st Street in Norfolk and hosted by the East Carolina Alumni Association.

“Overall this was a good event. It was held in a really first class venue with great service, food, and beverages,” said Dave Englert ’75, a previous member of the alumni association board and retired CFO of Southern Tile Distributors. “The best part of the event was the combination of meeting new and interesting ECU folks and learning about their hopes and plans, as well as reconnecting with alumni who are already good friends and just having a chance to catch up with them. Also worthy of mention is the delicious food that was offered. This just added to the enjoyment making the evening a quality experience for all.”

While the crowd was a little smaller than Englert had hoped, he said there was a good mix of class years and professions. He particularly enjoyed meeting a recent grad who is in the beginning stage of his management career with a major bank.

“I think everyone who attended met some new and interesting people and you always hope that these connections will prove helpful,” Englert said. “Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the event lasted longer than planned, which was a great sign. As events like this become more of a tradition and more people attend, the benefits will only increase.”

By Jackie Drake

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