Meet Bridget Todd ’07

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Bridget Todd knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. In addition to working as the social media and community editor for MSNBC, Todd is a writer, digital strategist, educator, and activist.

After graduating from East Carolina University with an English degree in 2007, she worked on a doctoral program in English at the University of Maryland College Park. She then taught courses on the intersections of new media and social justice at Howard University before accepting the job at MSNBC and moving to New York City.

“I’ve been lucky to work alongside some brilliant people running amazing campaigns to change our world,” she said. “It was also pretty exciting to work out of 30 Rock alongside folks like Rachel Maddow. It can be kind of dizzying, but it’s very satisfying work.”

Todd’s writing on politics and culture has appeared at the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, Jezebel, BuzzFeed, Talking Points Memo, and several other outlets. She has appeared on several national television and radio programs including the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She once questioned President Obama on policy on national television.

Todd has held regular contributing writer positions at Mic and Generation Progress, the millennial arm of Center for American Progress, a progressive public policy and advocacy organization.

Her work organizing digital trainings for political organizers and activists has been covered by the Washington Post. She has been invited to speak about politics at Georgetown University, Netroots Nation, NYC’s Social Media Week and the Personal Democracy Forum.

“I’m always juggling different things at once. To anyone else, that might seem kind of crazy, but it’s not that far off from all the activities I was involved in while attending ECU,” Todd said. “ECU taught me that it’s okay to try out a dozen things and just see what you like to do. Because ECU is a big diverse university, there were seemingly endless possibilities of activities to be involved in on campus. At ECU, it was normal to wear many hats, which prepared me for my current work.”

Todd was very involved while she was on campus, working as a DJ for WZMB and writing for the East Carolinian. She wrote for Expressions magazine, worked as an editorial intern for the North Carolina Literary Review, and submitted to the Rebel literary awards. She also volunteered at the local community center.

She said, “I don’t think I would have felt as prepared for working in newsrooms and getting freelance publications if it hadn’t been for these rich and diverse experiences.”

Todd can still remember the day she decided to become an English major.

“I was walking through the Bate building to meet with my Freshman Composition professor Dr. Gary Weissman. I loved Dr. Weissman; he was this really cool guy who always talking about good bands and interesting films. When I was walking through the English Department to his office, I noticed a lot of the professors had their office doors open and were having conversations with students in the halls. You could tell they weren’t talking about assignments or textbooks; they were just having interesting conversations for the sake of it. That was the moment I knew I wanted to be in the English department. I wanted to be able to hang out in my professor’s offices having conversations about film, and politics, and books just because. I went straight from Dr. Weissman’s office to declare my major.”

Todd always knew she wanted to be a writer. “I’m very lucky that ECU offered so many outlets to try it out before I graduated.”

Todd says ECU did a great job preparing her for her current life.

“I’m extremely proud I went to ECU. I’ve worked all over the country and I feel like I’ve taken a little bit of ECU with me wherever I go.”

By Jackie Drake

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