Andree Taylor ’96 on Cover of Charlotte Magazine

0815cover_450-af0760c7Accounting for both money and time was one of many lessons Andree Taylor ’96 learned at East Carolina University.

“It was a good place to make that transition in life,” Taylor says. “I learned about multitasking and figuring out the best ways to spend my time. I have so many good memories of my time at ECU.”

Learning how to account for his time has served Taylor well. As a vice president and senior financial analyst at Bank of America, Taylor was featured on the cover of the August edition of Charlotte magazine. Taylor was able to keep advancing his career despite the ups and downs of the banking industry. Click here to read more about Taylor’s career in the Charlotte magazine article.

Originally from Delaware, Taylor initially considered ECU because it was just far enough away from his parents to jump-start his independence. A friend who was doing the same thing recommended ECU to him.

“Once I got there, I thought ‘this is where I need to be.’ It just felt right,” he said.

Taylor came to ECU on a track scholarship, but switched to football. He played cornerback and special teams, and played in the 1994 Liberty Bowl. He greatly enjoyed debating in a business law class. He lived in Aycock Hall his first year, and fondly recalls going to Barefoot on the Mall.

“We were out and about a lot more; there was no cable or social media,” he commented.

While Taylor majored in accounting, most of his career has been spent more in accounting systems and corporate support than strictly accounting work. But he says his accounting classes gave him a great start.

“That foundation has been a great platform for me. It really helped me grow my career.”

Taylor’s experience at ECU prepared him not only for his career but life in general.

“Outside of what I learned in class, a big lesson was relationship-building. Learning how to interact with a diverse crowd helped me tremendously, and still does to this day. It was the people that really helped prepare me.”

Taylor continued, “I have lifelong friends from ECU, and that has made a big difference in my life. Knowing I had an ECU family in Charlotte made that transition easier when I first came here. Pirates have a great support network. I’m so glad I went to ECU.”

By Jackie Drake

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