Charleston Alumni Find Fun on a Scavenger Hunt!


Fun was found by several Pirates who participated in a scavenger hunt in Charleston on Saturday, August 18, hosted by the East Carolina Alumni Association. The 15 participants were divided into three groups of six, five, and four – and PeeDee the Pirate made a special appearance!

Michael Dudley ’10 and his girlfriend Samantha Blake ’04, ’05 were among the participants. They have been in Charleston a little over four years now and recently began taking the lead for the Charleston chapter. Michael is an information analyst in the field of cybersecurity and Samantha is a fifth grade teacher in Charleston County.

“We decided to participate in the scavenger hunt for two reasons,” Michael said. “We wanted to network with local Pirates. Also, we enjoy the downtown Charleston area & thought the scavenger hunt would be a great way to explore it further.”

The event was well-organized and lots of fun, they said. “Many of the activities included interacting with the general public, and required groups to do silly things that helped alleviate the awkwardness sometimes experienced when meeting new people,” Michael said. “It was also very nice to have a meal planned after the event so we could continue networking and have time to relax together.”

Michael and Samantha plan to attend future ECU events in Charleston, and also recommend that other Pirates attend as well.

Michael says, “Alumni events are a great way for Pirates to connect with one another and share memories that only Pirates would understand!”

By Jackie Drake

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