Alumnus’ Business Honored

SculleryMattA scullery is a small room used for washing dishes, but in Greenville, The Scullery means a great place to meet at a successful local restaurant.

The Scullery was named Greenville’s first Small Business of the Year by Uptown Greenville at the organization’s annual State of the District meeting on October 28.

“I was thrilled. It was a real honor to be recognized in that way among so many great businesses. It was a really nice surprise,” said owner Matt Scully ’04.

Since opening in June 2011, the Scullery has become a hub of downtown Greenville, serving breakfast and lunch along with fresh roasted coffee and homemade ice cream. The Scullery doubled its sales for the first two years, and business is still growing. ECU faculty, staff, students, and alumni are a big part of The Scullery’s clientele.

“They’ve been a huge support,” Matt said. “They were a big reason why we were able to start with so little; we already had a supportive customer base. We love seeing ECU faculty and students come in and have a place to meet and enjoy it.”

Matt and his wife Erin both graduated from the School of Music at ECU. They lived in New Orleans for a time, where Matt sang opera until Hurricane Katrina sent them back home to eastern North Carolina. They started catering on the side for friends and their church, until they got funding to open a place of their own from the Greenville Revitalization Commission.

“We’re so grateful to this community. We just want to give back,” Matt says. “We were taken care of when we were in need. It feels good to be able to provide something to the community that helped us.”

Matt says the education he received at ECU has helped him throughout this venture. “It’s funny, I have a music degree and I run a restaurant, but my degree definitely prepared me. Running a restaurant is somewhat like performance art. You have to be calm under pressure when everyone is watching. I still really do utilize a lot of those skills. But the whole college experience taught me the value of hard work.”

Matt enjoys working so close to where he went to college, and being part of a vibrant and growing downtown. “It’s a really exciting time to be in downtown Greenville.”

One thought on “Alumnus’ Business Honored

  1. Margaret Young says:

    Matthew is my son and I am SO proud on him and thankful for the Greenville community that has supported him and his family.

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