Alumnus Creates App

By Sara Strickroot

Brent Nolan ’09 is the co-founder of the app Stealz that is sweeping the nation one smartphone at a time.

“Stealz is a free mobile app that rewards customers for sharing photos at their favorite places,” Nolan says.header_logo_stealz      BrentNolan_opt_1

From a marketing perspective, this app is an ingenious way for businesses to allow customers to do their social media for them.

From a customer standpoint, sharing positive information about a business through photos via Facebook and Twitter, and receiving discounts, points, and rewards, is just another an incentive to continue going back to that place.

How does the app work exactly? You check in to a business that is within the Stealz network and you earn a point for letting people know you are there. You earn a point every time you check in at the business. The first time you use Stealz at a restaurant, you automatically receive something free!

In Greenville, you can use the Stealz app at Mellow Mushroom, Chico’s Mexican Restaurant, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Coldstone, and CPW’s.

Nolan got started with Stealz after hearing about how so many businesses claimed they needed help with social media. “We found a way to incentivize social sharing by customers and we’ve been very lucky thus far,” Nolan says.

Nolan attended high school in Raleigh but for college, he decided that he wanted to be independent while staying close enough to family. So he came to ECU. “I fell in love with the campus and the college town feel when I visited and decided I wanted to be a Pirate,” Nolan says.

He became a communication major the second semester of his sophomore year. “I was set for business but after taking two comm classes I was really blown away with how many options it offered in careers,” Nolan says. “I’m extremely proud I went to East Carolina.”

While in school, Nolan was involved in student organizations such as Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), intramurals, and Student Pirate Club.

Nolan still feels Pirate pride. “Even since leaving I’ve been really impressed with how many other people I’ve met who I instantly have a connection with because we’re both Pirates. But more than anything I will cherish the friends I made at East Carolina for the rest of my life,” Nolan says.

Nolan believes his company Stealz will continue to grow and develop. “We need to be adding businesses and users to our app every single day and then make sure we take care of everyone who believes in us enough to give us an opportunity,” Nolan says.

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